Miguel Oscar Menassa

Miguel Oscar Menassa


Miguel Oscar Menassa was born in Buenos Aires in 1940.

At the age of 18, he enrolled in Medical School and started studying Psychoanalysis. In 1960 he paused his degree to work for the Navy. His first poetry book Pequeñas Historias was published in 1961.

In 1963, after the publication of his second book La ciudad se cansa, he travelled to Italy. He stayed in Milan for two years and met Eugenio Montale, Salvatore Quasimodo, Alberto Moravia, Umberto Eco and the president of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, Cesare Musatti.

He returned to Buenos Aires in 1965 and in 1966, he published 22 poemas y la máquina electronic o cómo desesperar a los ejecutivos.

He graduated in medicine in 1969. That same year he opened his first poetry workshop.

In 1970 he published Los otros tiempos. In 1971 he established the Grupo Cero Scientific and Cultural Movement and composed the first manifesto.

In 1974 he funded Grupo Cero’s Editorial and launched the first edition of Grupo Cero’s magazine.

In 1975 he published ‘Yo Pecador’.

In 1976 he published Psychologia y arte, and soon after, on the 22nd of August, he permanently moved to Spain.

In 1977 he published Salto Mortal and in 1978, Canto a nosotros mismos, tambien somos América e Invocaciones

With the publication of ¿Perversion? O ¿la muerte de la palabra? Menassa began publishing his work on Psychoanalysis.

Grupo Cero will follow his steps in 1979, publishing Ese imposible y Psicoanálisis del líder. That same year Menassa started painting.

In 1981 he created Grupo Cero’s Poetry and Psychoanalysis school.

In 1982 he created his first art exposition. To this date, he has created a total of 35 expositions which go as follow:

Madrid: 13 in Momgallery; 1 in Entreacto; 1 in Casa de la Cultura de Arganda del Rey; 1 in Librería Española – Galería de arte; 1 in Casa del Poeta in Arganda del Rey;1 in the Centro cultural Galileo, 1 in the hotel Ciudad Vitoria; 1 in Ámbito Cultural de Málaga, 1 in La Sala Auditorio Juaquín Rodrigo in Las Rozas. Finally, in Alcalá de Henares: 1 in Café Metrópoli, 1 in Sala Manolo Revilla, 1 in Casa de Cantábria.

Buenos Aires: 5 in Grupo Cero; 1 in Librería- Galería Ámbito; 1 in Casa de la Rioja; 1 in Hotel Colón; 1 in Maldito Salvador; 1 in the Centro Cultural General San Martín
Tel Aviv: 1 in Ali Oli

All of the books have been published by the Editorial Grupo Cero (www.editorialgrupocero.com) except for Los Otros tiempos (Ed. Caldén) and El Oficio de morir (Ed. Biblioteca Nueva)

In 2003 he started writing music lyrics.

In 2005 he started his cinema projects, creating over 20 shorts and 5 movies; Infidelidad (2007), Mi única familia (2008), En defensa propia (2012), La invitación del Presidente (2013), El medicamento (2014).

In 2011 the poetry and flamenco performances ‘Ahora andarán diciendo’ and ‘El verdadero viaje’ were released, developing into the Tango, Flamenco and Poetry show ‘Soy el Cantor’ in 2016. On the same year he released his first music album ‘Al Sur the Europa’ which gathered all the songs from the show.

Finally, he coordinates and manages the journals Las 2001 Noches, the Poetry Magazine and Extensión Universitaria revista de psicoanálisis (both available online only from the 100th publication), Indio Gris (online weekly magazine) and Realismo Psíquico, a poetry and psychoanalysis magazine.

He is also the director of the Psychoanalysis and Poetry school Grupo Cero.