Cera's Art

Cera's Art


Hi I'm a young teenage girl that loves to drawl and wants to have a career in art. All art that I post is pure original and NOT copied from any other pictures. I mostly draw anime and dragons, at times I will draw people and eyes. My art is not 100% perfect, because I am legally a special needs kid with a learning disability, ADHD, Fibula & Tibial Torsion, Scoliosis, and still testing for more. I hope that doesn't change your mind about helping me out and buying my art for the start of my art career.
If you would like to purchase any of my work on other items like greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, tote bags, phone cases, etc. please visit my page at www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/cera-chadwick/shop