Michika Yamamoto


Hello! If you're reading this you most likely came from my google plus page! I've decided to start selling some of my art or do commissions. My style is very cartoon/anime which I know is not favored by a lot of people but that's okay! I'm just very happy your taking the time to check out my page. I mostly draw cats (haha) but any animal would be fine for me, humans as well. My art is still improving and I love experiencing with different things so sometimes you may see completely different art styles that don't fit in with the rest of my drawings. If this does happen it will be very rarely. You may even see photography (whoops different art type!...welp)

I'll post rarely and I have never sold any of my art before so I am still new to all this so its step by step for me. Please bear with me if I make any mistakes or something happens along the way! I will gladly sell or accept a commission from anyone as long as they can pay for the given amount. Thank you and happy shopping! :)

You will see art related to Undertale and Warrior Cats :3