Michael's Renderings

Michael's Renderings


Michael's unique and exclusive style he's developed from his passion of over 20 years creating Artist Renderings has made him one of the most prolific Graphic Artist in the Southeastern United States with over 5,000 business and home owners proudly displaying their Renderings by Michael

In more recent years where Michael has been spending most of his time in the Western Carolina mountain regions he has directed his talents along with his sense of humor and creativity to what he calls His "Professional Bear Series." The over whelming success in this venture has caused him to continue to add professions to this collection. Currently there is The Doctor, Foot Doctor, Eye Doctor, The Accountant, The Attorney, Insurance Agent, The Dentist, The Investor, Foot Doctor and The Chiropractor.

Not only will these prints make exceptional gifts to friends relatives and co workers, your clients and associates will appreciate your thinking about them, when they see that you displayed one of Michael's Professional Series Bear Prints' These one of a kind prints will be the most talked about and enjoyed prints on displayed in your office or home.

Contact Michael at mwoodside4@gmail.com

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