Michael Lude

Michael Lude


I have always been adept in artistic expression but it wasn't until my late teens that my need to express my feelings and emotions changed my art from a hobby into a career profession. As I know many can relate, it took a broken heart to visually depict what I was unable to or too shy verbalize. My passion in illustrating imagery that viewers can relate to was so intense that I lost myself in the excitement of it all. The anticipation of putting on that final touch to create that next finished work erased any self doubts I had as a growing artist. I opened my first official business at the age of 19, selling artwork, attending events and charities as a portrait and caricature artist, and started competing in national juries shows. I continued my business all throughout college and expanded into illustration for publications and newspapers while majoring in Art management, Fine-art & Studio art, & Business management. Today I am the CCO of 3twins.net Inc as a game designer but I still paint as a full-time artist both personally and per request. There is nothing else in the world I would rather do than create Artwork and share it with the world. Visit me at www.michaellude.com to see my full portfolio.

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