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"By their works you will know them." Does life always have to be full of multitude of credentials? Credentials not worth the paper written on if it is not fulfilled. Do credential revel the heart and soul(life of one) of the person?
When an artistic creation is purchased, the purchaser is buying more than what is seen. The creator of artistic expression has perhaps spent hundreds of hours by thought and work, errors made and corrected, experimentation, years of frustration and moments of pure joy went in the piece comes together. This work is not one piece of artistic creation. Heart and soul has been put into the creation of the art, as well as in the artists inner person. So you are purchasing a small moment of the artistic creators life. Art should never be brought on the credentials what school, who the person studied under but, only on the creative expression of the creator.

Just think of the creative work of art keith Bond(artist) says "But it goes beyond that. An original reveals the physical application (labor) of the paint. But it goes beyond that, too. Far beyond any of these tangible or identifiable differences.

An original creation emanates something from within that is felt. Not by your fingers, but within you. Felt by your spirit.

I don't know how or why, but somehow, through the hands of labor and through the labor of love, you imbue within your artistic creation a portion of you. Not your physical self, but in a way part of your spirit self.

This may sound a little whoo whoo and way out there. But I believe that there is some sort of spirit, though intangible, that permeates and emanates from original art.

I am not the only one who thinks this. I've met several other people over the years with similar ideas (both artists and collectors). The most recent was Gary Ernest Smith at a gallery gathering. He pointed out that the spirit that is instilled within a work of art by the artist can be good or bad, depending upon the spirit of the artist. Think about it, if the artist is angry, the artwork emanates angry feelings. If the artist is happy, the art will emanate joy. Sad artist - sad art, etc.

Just as a photo of a person can reveal sadness or joy, a print can also reveal something about the art. But, the spirit of the piece isn't in a print, just as the person's spirit is not in a photo. It is merely a likeness - a replica.

I prefer to surround myself with original works that speak to me because I feel something. They enrich my life in a way that no print ever can. They bring a spirit into my home that no print ever will.

Collectors understand this. For this reason, original art will always be collected.

Your gift to the world is the enrichment that comes from the creation of your hands. Share your gift - share your art - share your spirit."