Metakaos focuses on bringing luxury, collectible sculptures to our customer. Providing them with a choice of high end ornaments for their own collection or giving them the satisfaction of giving a gift so finely create to their esteemed guest that will leave a lasting impression.

While most galleries represent a variety of artists and their artworks, Metakaos Collections has a special focus on commissioning renowned artists to design and produce one-of-a-kind artworks. Its artworks are centric upon the medium of sculpturing, tending towards the more abstract, modern contemporary styles. Working together with renowned Asian artists, it creates different collections steeped in a fine balance of Eastern and Western elements.

Metakaos Collections was established as part of a multi-prong strategy to begin an art movement spearheaded by Metakaos. Founded in early 2007, Metakaos is an art movement started to work with and support a team of artists, designers and thinkers. Hailing from different parts of the world, the team has come together with the intent of synthesising a new style of art that has been long overdue to emerge.

It upholds the belief that the current artist climate in the East and West offers tremendous opportunities for cross contamination. With the merging of these two cultures, a stirring of ideas and remoulding of aesthetic values will occur. A range of business units were set up to engineer this movement, one of which is Metakaos Collections.

The Auspicious Series

The Power Series