Who I am:

I was born in 1983 in a small town in the Tuscan Maremma, Cinigiano (Grosseto) and since I was young grew up with a passion for drawing and art.
During adolescence I come into contact with the world of tattoos from older friends and I remain absolutely fascinated.
I began to approach this reality and in a completely self-taught way I started to do the first experiments, after Medical Bbp , first on my skin and then on that of my friends.
In 2006 after years of work and sacrifices and saving money, I decided to realize this passion and I leave for Thailand where I attend an international traditional tattoo school, directed by the teacher Khantima Aranjolovic. After some experience of apprenticeship and having obtained the professional qualification, in 2008 the Matrix Draws Tattoo Studio (follow the white rabbit) was born in GROSSETO My path is neither special nor special, it is a life of sacrifice, renunciation and disappointment.
Who has 30/35 years and lives in Italy constantly undergoes a cultural and artistic impoverishment for other futile interests.
I am deeply passionate about art, I filled my “ignorance” with my curiosity and by internet I created my own parallel art school.
I am a tattoo artist and this allows me to live with art, in particular it has given me the possibility to improve techniques and knowledge and create my "Bottega" to keep going.
Yes, I preferred to create a shop with a small gallery after the thousand disappointments by “best gallerists” thieves of hopes and percentages.
A huge step back in to the shop ( Bottega) to enjoy the art as a time conceived, with sweat, technique and satisfactions above all by the smallest customer who helps me to move forward even with € 50 Ich Artwork .
I’m repeating , no specific training course, I would like to support by Master or regular school education, so as to be on par with many others.
I hope it can serve the self-taught experience.
I always found it difficult to understand how it was done, I always tried and tried again until I reached a sort of reading of the techniques.
I have always drawn as a child stealing everything possible with my eyes.
My work as a tattoo artist allowed me to know and attend workshops / painting courses anywhere in the world.
The tattoo industry was putting art into today's society in a historical moment where our artistic heritage is destroyed every day.
My favorite painters are artists with whom I collaborated together and following his seminar are: Michael Hussar, David Kassan, Casey Bugh, Markus Lenhard, Valentina Riabova, Guy Atchinson, Shawn Barber, Chris Digwell, Jeff Gougue, Henrik Uldalen, Boris, Alex de Pase, Shige, Nikko Hurtado, Carlos Torres, Russ Abbott, Joe Capobianco, Boris Vallejo & Judi Bell, Nick Baxter What distinguishes me is probably the strength and tenacity that art has given me, has saved my life by taking me away from the bad road.
Waking up at night to paint after 12 hours of work as a worker and many other reasons. In summary I would say this:

I'm Fascetto Gianluca. Art for me is the physical extension of our mind of our heart and of our soul.
We carry an immense baggage of memory ... all that has characterized us in our lives we reproduce it in the form of art.
Our works are the product of emotions, colors, images, sounds, smells that in the subconscious that have characterized and shaped us.
I am a painter, a tattoo artist but above all an artist! ... who reproduces what has marked him, above another person, a very strong exchange of energy and informations that impress those who tattoo and / or who is tattooed ... .. but inside each DNA THERE ARE MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION ....... a galaxy of information. ….million of people. who reproduces all this? Maybe we do not know it ... but art for me is a testament to future people ......................... perhaps in my D.N.A Thanks for the attention.