Martha Parmar Art

Martha Parmar Art

Hello everyone
This is Martha Parmar , Fort Myers FL USA.
I would like to share my adventure with all of you ,I was doing a Small Retail Business in my Comuninity I was enjoying so much, I love Face to Face Sales cause I love and enjoy talking to People ,I had two shops My Life change when I a car accident in 2011 things change was not the same I was injure
Suddenly I got a call my Mother was ill.So I travel and bring her with me ,since I am 24/7 ,caregiver for my mother who is 93 yrs old .
Beautiful things started happening my eyes began to see a new world of harmony in colours in different surfaces
I am a Self Taught .No education in Art. My personality Style emanates joy & peace and express the vibrant Spirit and atmosphere of the earth in my heart.
This is how my journey started and I enjoyed. My heart is a spot light filled with earth colors which makes me happy. Creating Art is my passion and I loved so much , by creating my world of paint with whatever I have handy with my heart and my eyes. I admire all of the Artist and their Artwork.
Thank for visiting my profile.My Artwork is for sale here, ,look for MarthaParmarArt@intagram,Tweeter,Facebook.
Have a brilliant day !


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