Images and colors

Images and colors

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I would like to take my blog space for talking with you, bring you information about processes and stories that generate the paintings. I want to make them reach people who feel connected with themes, style, or another feature of this work.

I'm educator and interior decorator and could suggest a combination of colors, space and places of the house, office or business where putting it on. We could speak about dimensions, mat inches, colors and frame style more appropriate to each in its particular situation or location. I would give you some advice; we can talk and solve things together. I expect that discussing these variables is going to give good result.

Some paintings have common themes and characteristics. There are those that match in pair and of course most of them individuals. In my site you will see paintings, images, articles and mystical poems I created and edited in ebook format.

I am happy to share with you that material here in my blog

If you don't like them still can put it in a comment. On the other hand, if they gratify you it gives me great satisfaction.

I want to communicate my experience in artwork. Art is a spiritual and intellectual occurrence that awakes the world about blistering issues. For me art is struggle and happiness, delight for my soul. It is joy and learning for my mind. These qualities of art boost me up to stay and pour its fine robes into images, a challenge that I follow revitalized in an inspirational world.

Although I was formed in cross disciplinary studies, I always go back to take lessons of art. I could say that the experience gathered in past years contributed to be who I am as artist; all of that enriched myself and my expressive approach and techniques to shape a project, to give a form.

I thank the instructors that taught me for their generous communication of knowledge, strategies, kindness and patience, their input, their role is precious, valuable and important for any artist.

Creative work is a challenge for any performer as originator of forms. One of the obstacles that I face in the process is the ambiguity of ideas and indistinctness of images that emerge during a creative sequence.

Just persistence saves me of removing the progression of ideas in development, the chain of parts that the subconscious mind produces with no apparent connection. At the end, I receive with joy the gift of a form that describes my thoughts. Tolerance with my limitations in the initial blurriness of creativity gives in return a flow of forms, the searched images show up in the evolution of a composition. Methods of finding images through exploration succeeded this time.

Good and bad times

Past paintings

Spring blossoms

First stage retrospectively

2nd stage retrospectively