Markell Smith Gallery

Markell Smith Gallery

Art & Photography is a Personal View of the World around Us!

As an Artists, I am very passionate and excited about the amazing Art and Art pieces I have seen from my travels from around the world. I see God's earth as a beautiful and amazing sanctuary! My Travels have taken me to Europe, Asia, Central & South America and Throughout the US . A majority of my photos have been discovered and captured during the many hours hiking, and biking while on vacation. I have been living out my dreams and creating art work to share a little slice of my world with you. Creating art work and photography are a Hobby and my passion for me. Art to me is all about communicating one's own person view of the world around them. I love painting and shooting photography and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for looking at my work and Please contact me at with any questions regarding my artwork and photography.

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