Markell Smith Gallery

Markell Smith Gallery

Art & Photography is a Personal View of the World Around Us

We are a Gallery on a Mission to Save Lives
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As an Artists, I am very passionate and excited about the amazing Art and Art pieces I have seen from my travels from around the world. I see God's earth as a beautiful and amazing sanctuary! My Travels have taken me to Europe, Asia, Central & South America and Throughout the US . A majority of my photos have been discovered and captured during the many hours hiking, and biking while on vacation. I have been living out my dreams and creating art work just to share a little slice of my world with you. Creating art work and shooting photography are a Hobby and my passion for me. Art to me is all about communicating one's own personal view of the world around them. I love painting and shooting photography and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for looking at my work and Please contact me at with any questions regarding my artwork and photography.

The Pablo Picasso Collection

Vincent Van Gogh Collection

The Italian Dream Collection

The Central Coast Dream Collection

The French Dream Collection

The Authentic Dream Collection

The Texas Garden Collection

The Tuscany Dream Collection

The Darkest Night Collection

Las Vegas Desert Treasures

The Snowy Night Collection

The Grey Fantasy Collection

The Gallery Treasures Collection

The Passion Garden Collection

The Dream Garden Collection

Groves, Creeks & Oceans Collection

The Desert Oasis Collection

The Summer Breeze Collection

The Hidden Treasures Collection

The Colorado Treasures Collection

The Caribbean Treasures Collection

Bryce Canyon & Red Canyon Natl' Park

The Mexican Riviera Treasures

The Water Falls Collection

Los Angeles Botanicals Collection

The Flower Collection

The Painted Canvas Collection