Marilion Fine Art

Marilion Fine Art

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Redwood's RAVE virtual art events have been created to support the art community by bringing the art community together during the covid time. I´ll be there as an exhibitor. For more information visit
My adventurous, exciting and passionate journey to art is the never ending way of self-study.
Several visits to Tunisia enabled me to get to know the outstanding quality of ancient mosaics in Northern Africa and the colors and light of the Mediterranean landscape. I started to cut “pate de verre” to fit my unique patterns similarly as the traditional artisans of Greece and Rome. Later, between 1996 and 1999, I studied drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the class of Prof. Oriesek.

I am the director of AMBIT ART exhibition that took place seven times in ancient closter of franciscan brethren just in the centre of Prague.

My works of art encompass four basic thematic areas. The first area comprises the themes with a touch of the exotic, inspired by sightseeing during my journeys to France, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Tunesia, Egypt, Morocco, Greece etc.
The paintings evoking the impressions of temples and sacred elements constitute the second thematic area of my art. The third range of my activity involves intimate oil and acrylic paintings and pastels of still lifes and faces of friends and also my family. Last years I turned my attention to the abstract way of painting, it gives me a lot of freedom and make experiments, but I need to capture reality, too.

Every painting is a new "origin" for me. I play with colors and structures, I use a lot of layers, transparent and non-transparent. I work mostly with oil or acrylic, paint on hardboard or canvas, combining also pastels, coal and pencil and golden metal leaves.

My paintings are currently found in many galleries and private collections around the world. I showed my paintings four times in Paris, Cairo, Berlin and other cities in Germany as well as in my home town - Prague.