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EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL FILES of THE ART WORK are available by personal request to me via my email ( ) files are sent by "" in a password protected ZIP file. When full payment is received at PayPal the password for the file will be sent to you by email, the art work can then be extracted to its original format of .bmp and pixel size. If you are using Windows you’ll need to use a third-party archive tool like 7-Zip, WinRar or WinZip to open that file.The artwork file can then be taken to a professional printer of the owners choice and printed to any size requirement. Once purchased the requested art is then removed from any further sale, but left in the gallery marked as " not for sale" The buyer becomes the sole owner of the original art work. I give my personal guarantee that the purchased art will not be resold or reused at any time for any other sales or promotions. Purchase are made via ArtPal.

All the paintings, drawings and photographic art work in this portfolio are limited to a maximum of TWENTY reprints.

" Miracles and the miraculous occur every moment of every single day. The absence of the miraculous would truly be a cause for concern "

All the photographic art images you will see here are made from original photographs taken by the artist. Only a few photos are selected from the hundreds he takes and then the artist uses a basic computer program for colour balance and contrast. Each final art work comprises of hours of work in terms of taking the photos, the selection process and then creation of the final art work. None of this art work is purely a digital creation.

All the best to you Marialucia

Reflections in Au Naturel

( Theme ) Water

( Theme ) The Plant World

( Theme ) The Human Touch

( Theme ) Rocks, Soil and Landscape

( Theme ) Wood and Trees

The Equilibrium

The Equilibrium