Margarita Zipman

Margarita Zipman

Modern artist. Member of the Union of Pastelists of Russia. Included in the rating of the best contemporary artists of Russia ARTEEX. Included in the rating of contemporary artists of the AKOUN database. Participant and prize-winner of numerous domestic and international exhibitions. The works are in private collections in Russia and Europe. Permanent exhibition in Moscow.

Permanent exhibition in Moscow.
4 Personal exhibition.
48 collective exhibitions.

Publication in the journal Persono

"Emotional context through the prism of the soul... empathy will save this world..

Each of my works is a story.. a broadcast of the inner ego, an emotion that arose in the metamorphosis of the day, captured on canvas..

Creativity is a microcosm,

The universe is within us..

Canvas is a guiding star,

Which leads us and binds us together, immersing us in itself, through the prism of the work."