Fine Art Studio of Christopher Manzanares

Fine Art Studio of Christopher Manzanares

I am Christopher Manzanares. My work is primarily about capturing moments of intensity and deep emotion. I believe that the purpose of good art is to inspire and stir its viewer to feel something, a longing for something. To seek an answer to the questions that burn inside of the human heart. Though I have been making art in various forms through the years, it wasn't until 2008 that I began to fall in love with oils and the telling of stories, visually. I believe that a portrait can tell as much of a story as any book, if you pay attention and go deeper, as you read the lines of the face, the curve of the chin, and the expression of the brow. There is so much of us that comes through in our expressions, and that is what I seek to paint.

If you are moved by my work or know someone else that would be, please don't be shy and add that piece to your personal collection.

If at any point, you would like a piece to be signed and/or to have a canvas print retouched with oils, feel free to contact me and make arrangements by email.

Peace be with you,