Mamoune The Artist

Mamoune The Artist

Self-taught artist with an unusual path, Mamoune The Artist is very early animated by a creative energy. It is first as a professional dancer that she fill her need for expression. Later on, it was through painting that she sought this sensory and sensitive unit that she is looking for.

The artist offers a generous and expressive painting. Her artworks are characterized by dynamic compositions, the use of warm and vivid colors and apparent touches. The emphasis is put on transmetting a feeling, a subjective sensation rather than the search for an impossible realism. Her achievements are made instinctively, even if they come from a longer maturation. The themes adressed reflect her taste for travel, her love of the French terroir and her sensitivity to social and environmental issues.

Artistic influences of Mamoune The Artist are diverse: from Van Gogh to the Spanish painters Goya and Picasso, passing by more contemporary artists such as Basquiat and Frida Kahlo.

Mamoune share her time between Montmartre and her region of adoption: Burgundy.

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