Nikolay Malafeev

Nikolay Malafeev

I was born in 1954 in Rybinsk, upon the Volga river.
In 1967 I went to school of art to the finest artist-teacher Anatoly Popov. He also gave classes in fine arts for young workers. I attended these classes as well. Seven days a week I studied the culture of color, lines and volume. The image of an artist-teacher became my dream.
Art college in Ivanovo made me feel happy with my studies, my classmates as well as my teachers.
The collections of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg museums and other exhibitions demonstrated me the works of foreign and native masters of art. The exhibitions of French impressionists and Van Gogh, taking place in Moscow in 70s, were the most impressive ones.
I realized my dream to become the artist-teacher in 1974. Since then I have been working at Rybinsk art school for children. I give studies at Plasticine Sculpture in my own techniques. I try to provide conditions to unveil creativities of early talents.
Personal exhibitions are of higher priority to me, because there is the opportunity to fully demonstrate my creative work.

1967-1970 School of art in Rybinsk
1970-1974 Art college in Ivanovo

since 1977 working in Rybinsk Art School
since 1995 member of the Artists' Union of Russia.
since 2012 member of the Artists Creative Union of Russia.
In 2015 was awarded with the silver medal of Artists Creative Union of Russia for his contribution to the national fine art.

Participant of local, regional and international exhibitions and of the fifteen personal exhibitions.
The works are located in museums, art galleries and private collections in Russia, England, France, Belgium, Hungary, USA, Indonesia.




Figurative Abstract Paintings

Still Life


Abstract Landscape