Hi! I'm a certified folkartist and an art enthusiast. Art is one of the most refreshing activities, that I enjoy especially during these times. Mostly, art is to soul, what food is to body, for me.
I'm interested in abstract art forms, urban sketching and impressionist artstyle. These are just few to mention, as I love to learn new techniques and art forms every now and then. Tried asian folk arts( to name a few, Madhubani, Malay Royal Traditional artform, Warli, Pichwai,Tanjore Paintings,etc), Zendoodle, galaxy art and many more. I can literally eat, sleep, drink art...what I mean, is that, I love art to such an extent that I'm always ready to put in that effort without asking for it.
Well, that was just one part of my life with art, the other one comprises of imparting knowledge, as I'm also a TEFL certified educator. So, at times, it seems to be a daunting task to maintain both, but manage it somehow and try to bring something unique for you.
Hope you enjoy surfing and do support me and encourage me too.


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