Mabe to Order

Mabe to Order

We are the Mabe Family.

William is a hard-working gamer nerd (Legend of Zelda Rules!!) and family man who enjoys painting as an escape. He works in oils in the style of Bob Ross.

Kelly is a working mother of two beautiful girls. She started painting and crafting around the age of 11. She works in acrylics and also loves yarn crafts. She found her love of photography after the birth of her first daughter, Josalynn.

Josalynn is an amazing 13 year old who wants to follow in her parents footsteps. She enjoys painting in acrylics. She’s a very smart girl who has worked exceptionally hard to overcome her Autism Spectrum Disorder. Part of her diagnosis is a delay in fine motor skills. So painting helps her build that.

Rylee is an energetic 6 year old who is just starting to find her love of art. She occasionally works in watercolors.

Hopefully you enjoyed this introduction to our little family and please enjoy our art here at Mabe to Order.

Photography Prints

Pieces of William

Pieces of Kelly

Pieces of Josalynn