Museum of A Lot of Art MOLOA

Museum of A Lot of Art MOLOA

2018 Marvin's Bio:

I was born in Brooklyn. Live on Staten Island.

I attend the usual public schools. I attended college. I was awarded a degree in Communications.

I am a Digital Artist. I create all kinds of classic and modern art. I create my digital art because I find it relaxing and I find it interesting. Each piece I create inspires me to create more art. You could call it the curiosity of discovery. What will the next piece look like?

My life is simple. I try to live a very quiet life. Some days I go to parks or walk along neighborhoods looking for the odd statue or sculpture that would make an interesting photo to turn into art.

I am also experimenting with ways to convert my art into new art. Waste not, want not, right? Well, that's a bit about me. Take care.

Neo Raphaelites Version 2.0


Depth by Design

Re-Acrylic Outline

Neo Raphaelites


Abstract Altered Art


Modern Bold Sunflower

Surreal Realism

Circles Geometric English / Spanish

Circles: Geometric English / French

Geometric Impressionism Engl / Itali

Circles: Geometric English / Italian

Wild Life Art



Angles (Geometrically Altered)

Ocean Solarization Art

Flower Solarized Art