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2016 Marvin's Bio:

I was born in Brooklyn. Don't know much about it since I lived most of my life here on Staten Island. The people on Staten Island are friendly but very cautious and on edge. This is due to traffic issues and stress related to traffic issues. People here don't have much time in their day to do things and when they do they end up behind a S.M.V. Slow Moving Vehicle.

I attend the usual public schools. I attended college. I was awarded a degree in Communications.

I am a Digital Artist. Its more of a hobby than a job. I create all kinds of classic and modern art. I say its a hobby because I have never been able to make any money off of it. I create my digital art because i find it relaxing and I find it interesting. Each piece I create inspires me to create more art. You could call it the curiosity of discovery. What will the next piece look like?

I am disabled. I don't like to talk about it because people don't understand mental issues. Sure, I look and act just fine but that's the medicine talking.

1997-2010 I worked as a cashier for a number of years at different retail stores. My mom says that everybody loved me there. I felt otherwise. I guess over time people's views soften of you.

I was married. 2006-2008. I moved to PA and then back here again after a very friendly divorce. It could have been a disaster.
I have a 9 year old son. Wonderful kid.
Since 2011 I've lived permanently here on SI..

My life is simple. I try to live a very quiet life. I work on my art during the days I am not helping my dad. Some days I go to parks or walk along neighborhoods looking for the odd statue or sculpture that would make an interesting photo to turn into art. It may not seem like it but I do like living here on Staten Island. People are just stressed here. I try not to make them more stressed.
I never had the urge to live anywhere else but here on SI. I moved to PA because my fiance at the time wanted to move there with her family. I liked it there for a little while until I realized it had the same problems SI had. Traffic, Stressed out people, and a hard time finding good paying jobs without commuting either to Phili or NYC.
I lived on and off between SI and NJ for a time for employment and family reasons.
But I am really not the kind of guy who likes to travel. I am more of a home body. I like to just look at the world through other people's eyes. Either through the Internet or TV.
I am also experimenting with ways to convert my art into new art. Waste not, want not, right? Well, that's a bit about me. Take care.

Abstract Altered Art


Modern Bold Sunflower

Surreal Realism

Circles Geometric English / Spanish

Circles: Geometric English / French

Geometric Impressionism Engl / Itali

Circles: Geometric English / Italian

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Angles (Geometrically Altered)

Ocean Solarization Art

Flower Solarized Art