The central idea of my concentration is to capture the unyielding spirit of commitment of warriors in battle.

In order to illustrate the spirit of commitment, I had to choose dynamic compositions built with expressive brushwork and dramatic color. Warriors are often posed in life and death battle scenes in diagonal and exaggerated positions heightening the drama. The compositions are most successful in #2, 4, 7, 9, and 11. In addition, I used loose and expressive brushwork to convey the momentum of the scene, giving the feeling of overwhelming movement everywhere as in #5,#6,#7 and 8. Between the brushwork and building layers of color , I feel the concept of an unyielding committed spirit is achieved.

My painting style developed as a fluid, in the moment style as I visualized each of these scenes. The paints would become like so much mud, moved around the canvas. This created a lot of neutral color which allowed for the splashes of bright color to explode highlighted areas and increase the visual impact of the image.

I feel I achieved a great excitement and passion illustrated in this series of battle scenes.