Hi, thank you for looking at my paintings.

My name is Mandy Brown and I live in the in south-west of the UK. I’m 55 years old and have just decided to go self -employed as an artist. I’m also writing a series of five science-fiction novels and currently seeking a literary agent.

I have three painting style, Surrealism, dramatic figure painting, and science fiction images which go hand in hand with my manuscripts.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been an avid reader, obsessed with space and aliens and very creative. Even during the turmoil of having kids and domesticity, I’ve always written and occasionally painted but never took either seriously until the past few years when the kids left the nest and things quietened down a bit and I had more time to do what I wanted to do.

Also with age, comes confidence.

The more I wrote and painted, the better I got until I decided I was going to do something with them. Now, most (normal) people begin their careers when they’re young, with loads of opportunities to hand but oh no, not Mandy Brown. She waits until she’s fifty-five and there’s a raging pandemic to forge her craft – as if competition wasn’t bad enough!

Good job I like a challenge.

Apart from the very early ones (before I thought of it), I keep a photographic record of each stage of my paintings, not only for proof of authenticity, but also a record of development which comes with each painting sold as added interest to the buyer along with an accompanying, short bio of the work to boot.

Because I’m environmentally friendly (and at the moment living and working in a small rented room the size of a cupboard), I only paint with acrylics as they’re less harmful than oils and all the chemicals that comes with them. Also they dry a lot quicker which means I can be working on two, sometimes even three paintings at a time.

My favourite artists are Jack Vettriano, Edward Hopper and Dali, all of which styles I strive to emulate in some images. However, I like to think I have my own unique style. Every painting I create MUST have the WOW factor, because if not, I won’t use it. When someone stands before one of my paintings, I want them to react, to feel happy or sad, to be intrigued or puzzled, unnerved or disturbed. One thing I would HATE would be for anyone to look at one of them and say ‘Oh that’s nice.’ I would be mortified. Nobody has to like my artwork, but if they stir people emotionally and get them thinking, then I have achieved what I set out to do.

Thank you.