Matte Hue Innovations

Matte Hue Innovations

Art is subjective. What one likes the other may not. That is what makes the world unique. Art evokes emotion and memory. I try to capture that in my work. A love of traditional medium I have tried to combine that with modern techniques. Light and dark, balance, this is what drives my work. There cannot be light without dark, no dark without light. Balance.

I have been making artwork for all of my life. There is not a time I can remember that I wasn't doodling, drawing, painting, or creating something. Known through school as the art guy, I pursued my talents through college and obtained my fine arts degree. My work always seemed to stand out as I never felt like conforming to what others were doing. I have been described as a traditionalist with a love of the world around me. My love is the simple pencil drawing. Beauty and art is all around us, in patters, light, color, mood, all we need to do is take a moment to pause and enjoy it. That is what art does, pause that moment for all to enjoy.

And yes, I am a nerd at heart. But in some way aren't we all.

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