M.G. Durant Photography


Born and raised in New England and currently living in Massachusetts, most of my photography work is taken near where I live. New England offers an extensive variety of landscapes, architecture and places to photograph in every season. There is always something interesting to discover and photograph, whether it’s the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, to the cityscapes of Boston and Providence or coastal towns that line the shore, New England offers a wonderful opportunity to photograph whatever someone is interested in.

My goal for my photographs is to portray an accurate representation of the moment the photograph is taken. Whether that’s an accurate color representation or curtails of an airliner streaking through the night sky, I want the viewer of the photograph to feel as though they are standing there as the photo is taken.

The works in this collection are the start of what I plan to continually update throughout the year. It’s a new year and a new adventure for me as I start to post my work for the public to view. Throughout the year I plan to add to my collection with traditional and not so traditional photographs of different places and events that I experience.

In addition to my pictures on ArtPal.com, i plan to have my own website running soon where I can provide additional printing options.

Enjoy the photos!

Skylines & Architecture