Michael B. Johnson Fine Art Gallery

Michael B. Johnson Fine Art Gallery


Hello. My name is Michael B. Johnson. Welcome to my online fine art gallery.

Before becoming a fine artist I worked in publishing and advertising for many years and learned to use digital tools, equipment, and media to do design and illustration. It has always been a dream of mine to be a fine artist and so I took what I had learned from those experiences and applied it to the world of fine art.

What is truly and highly unique about my paintings is that they not only look dimensional, they have windows into dimensions — portals into consciousness. I in my finite form do not know where they go as yet, but God's insight has shown me these doors do exist and they do go somewhere and perhaps part of me has already crossed over into them.

I believe everything happens for a reason. To put it another way, I don't believe in accidents and when one of these "rooms" of existence shows itself in one of my painting's development it is no different than the eyes of a Miro or Klimpt painting showing up in the development of one of theirs before they painted them physically into the public's view and waiting minds.

Gaze upon my paintnngs and one day, perhaps beyond the bounderies of space and time you may feel at home in a room you swear you have seen or perhaps have even been in before.

Shown are examples of my work which are produced in their final stages with a rainbow's array of archival inks on exceptional quality paper using a digital process. If you are interested in purchasing my artwork you can email me at michaelb.johnsonartsandcrafts@gmail.com or you can call me directly at 740-918-2330. The images displayed here represent items that can be bought as fine quality prints or as framed originals.

Originals are distinguished by having my permanent signature and fingerprint on the back to assure originality and authenticity. All other existences of the image(s) are deleted and/or destroyed upon purchase and the buyer is the sole owner of a beautiful and unique piece of art that will last well over a century.

Mats can be requested if the item is displayed without them or should you want a different mat treatment, and alternate frames may be requested as well. The artwork's dimensions can be altered depending on the space you need to accommodate. Contact the artist for details regarding this. Please note: the dimensions of the artwork do not include the mats and frames.

Proceeds from the sales of my work go to help one or more of the following causes: The Social Security Trust Fund, Community Support in Akron Ohio, Akron area homeless shelters, Akron area food banks and The City of Akron to help improve their roadways and add signs where needed.

Thank you for having a look at my work and please stop back. There will be more pieces added soon. God bless you and have a beautiful day!


Please note: some of the pieces are signed as Peter Rome Theus. I no longer use this pseudonym.

The Art of Michael B. Johnson