Michael B. Johnson

Michael B. Johnson


Hello. My name is Michael Johnson. I'm an artist and my background is in advertising and publishing. I worked as a digital designer, and illustrator for many years. After doing commercial art, I wanted to take the skills I learned from these experiences, and apply them to the work of fine art.

The works you see here are not paintings, but inkings, rather. They are giclees and were originally produced digitally on a computer. The "original" is therefore stored in the memory of a computer or other device that contains memory.

The only way that the art produced in this way can be considered an "original", other than as a print, is to display in on a digital device designed for such purposes. But this is not only costly, it's impractical.

These devices come in the dimensions you buy them, and so it's a "one size fits all" limitation. Of course these devices can crop, rotate, and "slide" through multiple images, but when the art is produced on fine quality paper with fine archival quality inks and this is handled by the right giclee professionals — add in the attractiveness of colorful mats, rich wooden frames, and you have a beautiful work of fine art.

I hope you find my work to be as beautiful as I do, and that you will take a visual stroll through my gallery, and buy something that will very possibly be worth much more than you paid for it some day! And that day may be sooner than you think!

Thank you!
Michael Johnson

The Art of Michael B. Johnson