Hi I am M. I love being Creative . I love to Create Digital Images and Computer Generated Digital Images ,and I make Digital Images which I create from my Real Photos I took of Nature in my Garden, Like Flowers, Trees., Sky, Clouds.. .Apps I use: Mirror Lab ,Chroma Lab, Glitch Lab (all Pro)
and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.
Enjoy my Photos,Thank you for your interest and Purchase!
You can buy my Digital Art .You may use my (C)Digital Art Images you Purchase for Personal Use Only. (For background, wall paper, etc or as Art hanging on the walls in your home:) ).
Please, Respect my Work. Do Not Use Commercially .
Please Consider Purchasing my Art, But do not simply copy and save my Image without Purchasing.
First of all, I love being Creative , and I love Creating Digital Art like Images and I also do Photography.
Each and every single Digital Art Image and Photograph I Create and make has a Special, Sacred, Personal, Reason and Meaning to me and to my 24/7 Life.
And also, doing Online Work is my only way to try and build up a Financial Income for myself, So I can save a little bit of money .
I am trying to make my Dream Come True and go out and finally after a very long time, (years, (but I did some Climbing a few years ago) ), and Do some Urban Exploration again, (..Climbing Watch Towers and Photography in Free Nature. ), And so then I will have much more Photographs to
Thank you!

I am still working on/Updating my ArtPal -Store.
Stay tuned!