Breath of Life~Zoey

Breath of Life~Zoey

Im Zosea,but you can call me Zoey, a cheerful,industrious and goal-oriented illustrator, who works with individuals, game developers, authors, novelists, and children’s story book writers to create beautiful end products.

To put in few words, all of my work is about creating artwork/pictures/images that enhance your story, game, book,comics or whatever it is you are up to.
People usually come to me for fantasy styled illustrations for themselves(having vague ideas of what they need) or their novels/books, game concept art, character/creature design or comic books - what they really walk away with is artwork that multiplies the impact of their book, comic series, story, game or product.

Enhancing everything to help improve impact of the project, building on constructive feedback, constantly improving, delivering results - is what I do.
All the best,

Software : Photoshop CS6/ SAI/ Illustrator
Hardware: Graphics tablet Genius M-609X
Tools: pencils from 2H up to 8B, watercolor pencils(Mondeluz 18[Koh-I-Noor]/ Raffine/ Faber Castel), watercolors Sonnet 16, Pitt ink pens(Faber Castel), oil ballpens, rarely gellpens, Karisma color pencils, markers, ink.

•Book Cover Illustration
•Digital Painting
•Comic Art
•Costume Design
•Concept Design
•Character Design
•Creature Design
•Visual Development
•Prop Design