Luvelli's fine art photography has garnered worldwide attention, for its distinguished images of rural townscapes.

A native of Como, Italy, Luvelli was raised on a farm in rural Missouri.

"Luvelli avoids sterotypical visions of country life in favor of black - and - white works picturing people and places most individuals overlooked sometimes choose to ignore."
. - Dr. Joan Stack (Curatorial Director @ Missouri State Historical Museum

" All is equal in Luvelli's viewfinder. The children and aged, the black and white, the police and the passed-out on the streets. The photographer forces us to reckon with economic realities we would do anything not to see."
. - Aarik Danielson (Arts Editor @ Columbia Daily Tribune

Limited Edition pieces are available directly through the artist. Please email to receive manifest and details concerning specific works.

Rural Realities