Lui Reichenbecher

Lui Reichenbecher

Lui Reichenbecher is a bavarian passionated photographer, drawer, digital artist & musician who is living & working in Wiesbaden, Germany. In his childhood he discovered painting, while he later learned the craft of drawing & then Lui developed in the last 20 years a deep passion for art photography.

The viewers of Lui's artworks feel, that this artist is on his own way. Most important to him while being in the creative process is having fun while concentrating on his authentic style that is based on his artistic experiences and appears as the echo of his heart & soul. His great love for travels to wonderful cities like Venice, Nizza/Nice, Rome, Aix en Provence, Bangkok, Dubai etc. enabled him to incorporate extraordinary impressions into his works of art.

In addition to Lui's favorite color blue, the element water is at the center of his artworks, which are always focused on beauty and uniqueness.
This artist started his presence on Instagram, @be_freeeeeee_art, very successfully in March 2020, released more than 400 artworks in his gallery, took part in the Swiss Art Expo, Zürich and convinced several European galleries of his talent & his art.

Since then he has exhibited his art photographs in art exhibitions in Cannes, Florence and again in Zürich. He is joining many art projects and exhibitions as permanent artist in the renowned art gallery Merlinos Botega d'Arte in Florence. Furthermore, Lui's selected works can be seen soon live on exhibitions in London & Innsbruck.

It turnes out that Lui Reichenbecher through his many years of passionate work as photographer successfully developed his own style. By a wide range of artworks (abstract as well as non abstract concrete works), authentic techniques as well as an extraordinary selection of motifs the artist Lui Reichenbecher understands masterly to create very impressive artworks from remarkable photos, that cast spell over art lovers.

The Electrician of Venice II

Covid Angel

The Magic Tower

Sun like an Orange

Rendezvous with Venice IV

Colors of Venezia

Rendezvous with Venice VIII

Magic of Villefranche-sur-Mer V

Up & Away, It´s Coming!

Buona notte Venezia, mi amor!

La Mágica de la Luna III

Soap Bubbles

San Marco in 1999 III

Venezia, mi amor! VI

Jeaux d´Eau - Water games

La Mágica de la Luna II

La Mágica de la Luna