.. The history of my life?... Well ; that if they buy something, l ain't gone to lose my time with bullocks. This painting took more than 1 and 1/2 year to do it...
There is a hole in space but we will never be able to enter till we become real humans and our gov., are Arts Sciences and Technologist by now we been command by rich delinquents apes, the world moved by liars political a apes while we still sorounded by delinquents monkeys and humans just few.... There is no way out but in painting and creation of a new art, a search of another dimention that took me away from this reality on a world of colors and true clean feelings this side here is a sick s... to me to many monkeys on the loose. .

100 x 100

"La Riada"

"Star Fisher"

The Wormhole

"the Gold Making Machine"

City On Woods


"The Gold Making Machine"

Waiting on the tuve...

Waiting On The Tube...

Andromeda Galaxy

Milkyway at night...

Out of the system

"Baco's Yard"

Détail... "Gold Machine"

"L' Invazzione Delle Goldonfiere"