Art by Lovisa

Art by Lovisa

My name is Lovisa Walsh and I’m happy to introduce my artwork to you. I grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan, then in later travels, I lived in a few different areas of the US (including California, Florida, and Washington). I have worked for Spectrum Health for the past 12 years and I currently live in Rockford, MI with my beautiful and creative daughter “Elise”, and my amazing best friend and husband “Steve”.

I have always loved creativity in any sense, but I love the blend of colors and how dramatically color can change a landscape, a wall, a room, a house, your dinner plate, your wardrobe..... you get the point. On a deeper level..… color can change your mood, your perspective, and your life!

My passion for art started in my childhood and grew when I was in high school. My favorite class was art, influenced by my favorite art teacher, Mr. Fallon. I learned about art history and many styles, types of art, and techniques. I was able to explore my creativity in different aspects of art, including pottery, which I also loved. I learned what I enjoyed the most and what my artistic strengths were. I’ve taken the art that I enjoy creating and my artistic strengths and focused on sharpening my techniques. It’s also notable to mention that I appreciate and adore every minute of the peace and joy that I feel when I am creating art!

I do a variety of paintings using different techniques but most of my art pieces are created with acrylic paint, a paint medium, and additives for different effects. This type of art is called “Flow Art” or “Acrylic Pouring”

My wish is for my artwork to make you smile… make you feel… and move you to create your own works of art. I hope you enjoy my art …… as much as I love creating it!

Please email ma at for more information on purchasing my original or customizable artwork.

Customizable Art Available
You can choose:
 colors
 frame size(s)
 painting technique
 words of inspiration
 single painting or set

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