Lisa Zilker

Lisa Zilker

Lisa M. Zilker is a New York artist with a studio in Long Island City, NY. Born in Queens raised in New York she attended the School of Visual Arts where she received her BFA in Fine Arts and Art Education with a minor in Psychology. She has many solo and group shows including a solo show at the NAC.

Her artwork falls into two categories; the first is abstract expressionism the second is surrealism these two styles describe a large portion of her work.

The Monuments began as Tombstones and have evolved into portals. These portals are sometimes represented as surreal landscapes that have been abstracted either looking into or thru an opening, glimpsing a hidden place, space where there are objects having figurative qualities. They are other worldly or Universal destinations, other times they are are in plan-sight in our reality. They are grouped in threes or more symbolizing unity, trinity, family, community; as she feels they never stand alone. The Monuments are the Birth/Death cycle simplified as a footprint or handprint. The Entities are represented by the portals tho not always visible.

The geometric works of the series Conversations Between Blue and Red are grid-based paintings with organic and simplified botanical shapes. They are a fuller expression of the theme of the Blue/Red series.

The series now depicts longitude and latitude providing a sense of place - the grid – while the jagged split represents noise. This noise arises from interactions beyond our control. The sources of this noise are planetary, mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical. When the grid is removed, we are only left with noise, and beyond and around that, change and new life.

The Tree painting start in meditations; when she meditates she describes seeing colors and clear images, many of these works are from those images. The Trees are all from these images. The feelings, thoughts and understanding are about the beauty of nature its resilience and the life-force energy. As in meditation the Trees symbolize the "rooting of our Energy into in Earth and the branches reaching up into the Universal energy" This is a visual depiction of the mental thought of meditation; opening our energy and making an energetic connection thru us from our planet to the Universe.

The practice of simplifying a complex idea, issue or condition, including minimizing, obscuring or distorting it, is central to her artistic practice.

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