Hello Im Liza Lambert aka the Happy Hippy Artist.

I adore creating new weird and wonderful things from Canvas,to mosaic,windchimes,fairy doors,magic mushrooms,garden art and so much more
there isnt a day that goes by where I'm not feeling Creative in some way!

I started off selling fairy doors online which I would make from my own molds
& it just took over allowing me to work from home doing something I love
and earn money at the same time
I like to use many different medias from Acrylic paints,textured gels,pottery,mosaic,polymer clay & upcycled pieces too

I have my own studio in my back garden where I paint most my artwork
my Ideas come from all around me..
Iam inspired by my Spiritual side & my love of animals, nature
The bright bold colours of exotic lands & places Ive visited
and sometimes maybe even a dream Ive had