Liyri Art

Liyri Art

Abstract art philosophy

Abstract art has helped us to experience the emotional power in a pure form. Anton Ehrenzweig

It is delivered with unconsciousness mind. Composition arose naturally by its freedom without any limitations. It flows through the time and space like doing circulation of energy in our planet. It deals with the senses, emotional power, the Holy Spirit that exists in a parallel world a part of conscious reality. It manifests itself with cleat statement – non intentional energy of unconsciousness freedom.

About Liyri

Liyri - it is a practice name, brand, an abstract artist name of Iurii Lotonenko.

I paint the light internal light of the universe. Liyri

Self-taught, Liyri has been in passion with art since childhood. But really, began his creative practice during a difficult period of life, immigration, divorced process and attempts of suicide. During that time, Liyri expressed his emotions through the abstract art where he explores the contrast of rough techniques and unusual colors collaboration in one composition. He re-investigates the soul, unconsciousness and body presence through Buddhism and deep meditation. This period drove him to accomplish of more than 200 works of abstract expressionism paintings and sculptures. Liyri believes his art delivered with the unconsciousness mind what arose naturally by its freedom without any limitations. It deals with senses of energy that exists apart from the consciousness reality and manifest itself with a clear statement - `non-intentional power of immortal freedom that always been here`.
To paint for Liyri is to be alive.

Liyri Art L.L.C.
San Diego, California

Abstract expressionism