Anastasiia Vlasenko

Anastasiia Vlasenko

Painting is one of the ways of my communication, a way to share my inner fire with the world.

I was born in Kyiv. Since early childhood I was watching my talented grandfather's artistic work. As for my own craving for art, it started in my adulthood. I have a degree in economics with the major in marketing. This is my classical education, and the artistic one is self-studying of painting techniques and movements. At the present, I am studying and working in YASKRAVO (Brightly) art studio in Kyiv. I take an active part in Ukrainian, as well as international, exhibitions, auctions, and charity projects. My paintings are part of collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, and the USA. One of the paintings is part of Brian Acton's, who is a co-founder of WhatsApp, private collection.

The dominant colours of my paintings are bright, the shades of happiness, optimism, and passion. My works comprise different themes and techniques.


12.2017- ХV International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts "Ukrainian Art Week", The House of Architect. Kyiv, Ukraine

09.2017- "I am an Artist" ("Я-Митець"), Central House of Painter. Kyiv, Ukraine

05.2017- "Palette of the Soul" ("Палітра Душі"), Central House of Painter. Kyiv, Ukraine

05.2017- the Auction "Mloda Sztuka", The Auction House & Gallery DESA. Krakow, Poland

12.2017 - Ukrainian Art Week. Kyiv, Ukraine

02.2018- "Palazzo Priuli Bon-Venice" art exhibition. Venice, Italy

04.2018 - Pysanka Art Fest. Kyiv, Ukraine

10.2018- Esposizione di Dipinti di Artisti Ucraini Contemporanei. Roma, Italy

10.2018- We Contemporary 2018 Artshow. Palermo, Italy.

Original painting, acrylic on canvas, using epoxy. Deep black, flowers, contemporary art, passion. Collected worldwide.


Dark Beauty