Lisa Ann Mahony

Lisa Ann Mahony

Hello, Lisa Mahony here, sit back, relax and let me introduce myself.

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Art. I am also an artist member of the California Art Club and I am now showing and teaching at the Santa Paula Museum of Art. I sell my art, work on commissions and teach classes. I am also the organizer for Plein Air Tuesday; we paint in and around Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, and we are on Facebook too.

September 21st through October 2nd I will be in Oregon. I was asked to paint at a ranch; it is another residency, private this time. I will be creating a painting for a collector. If you ask me to create a painting, I will come. Call me to set up an appointment.

I especially love creating with others; beginners as well as artists. We bounce energy off of each other and create a unique piece.
I am grateful to be doing what I love.

On my last residency I was selected to paint on Tejon Ranch in California with the Tejon Ranch Conservancy- a new partnership! July 30th - August 12th, I was without wifi but I also recharged and produced a lot of artwork for you, dear reader. In Oregon I will be enlarging and finishing those pieces as well. Still a portrait to do too.

Email me about commissions or if you would like to chat.

Floating Ink on Water