Lisa Ann Mahony

Lisa Ann Mahony

Hello, Lisa Mahony here, I am so happy you stopped by to look at my paintings. Sit back, relax and let me introduce myself.

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Art. It was a fabulous time but they never showed me how to sell my artwork and isn't that what every artist wants? So, I am a late bloomer but I now sell my art, work on commissions and teach in the classroom. I also teach at a Cole Creativity Center in Santa Paula. The reception for this new facility is August 18th come by and visit, there are all sorts of activities planned and I will be there from 1-4. I am also the organizer for Plein Air Tuesday, where we go out and paint in and around Ventura County, we are on Facebook too.

My family is excited to see me selling, since they were my first fans; thanks family for believing in my work and cheering me on! I especially love creating with others where we work together on a piece or go out painting together. I am artist, teacher and I also work on special projects like my artist residencies. I feel grateful to be doing what I love.

I am on my fourth artist in residency. This year, I was selected to paint on Tejon Ranch in California with the Tejon Ranch Conservancy, a new partner! July 30th - August 12th, I will be without wifi but I will also recharge and produce a lot of artwork for you, dear reader. I will be in a remote retreat, just the way I like it. Come to my sketching talk, where I will be sharing examples of my work, from sketches to final paintings. Join me on my Sketching Talk about on September 8th from 2:30-7:00 pm, I would love to meet you. I will show you how I work and then, we will sketch together! I love co creating with people and the best part is you can't do it wrong! I create with traditional painting materials like oils and acrylic but I also enjoy digital painting too. Each have their own special qualities. Thank you for reading my journey. Email me for commissions information or if you would like to chat.