Greetings! I've been drawing ever since I can remember, but I suppose most artists can say that. In 2005 I finally got my Bachelors of Fine Art. It's too bad it was Animation and not drawing. I much prefer to draw than to animate. In any case I have never done anything with my degree. But I spend as much time as I physically can drawing in the mornings. By the afternoon I usually hurt to much to do anymore. I love drawing fairies and elves and even dragons. I even draw characters from stories I occasionally write. I work with color pencils. I would in the future like to get back to painting abstracts again.

Recently people have been telling me I need to sell my art online. Everyone was telling me to go. But after a lot of research I have decided on this site. It seems like it will be the best fit for me. I hope you find my art to be to your liking and do enjoy it.



Dragons and More