Lindsey Totsch

Lindsey Totsch

My interest in art started at a young age, but it wasn't until my recent struggle with infertility that my love of it was renewed. I began thinking what would I leave behind in this world? Would it be beautiful? Would anyone be able to see my heart through what I left? This brought me to some new but rather difficult realizations. One realization is that no matter the battle others are facing I want to have a possibility of sharing a little light and beauty in other's lives. Another realization was, I was always a dreamer but dreams aren't reality unless you make it so and reach out for them. I am homeschooled and self taught as far as my artwork is concerned and I reach for improvement every day. My last realization but the most important was that without my Faith, Family, and Friends I would not be where I am today! My friends and family have been so supportive every step of the way! I owe my inspiration to God who is an amazing painter and the world is a wonderous canvas that fills me with that inspiration! I am so grateful to God and to my Family and Friends for helping me towards my goals! They are very loved and appreciated.



Paintings for friends

Little Loves