Lina Bo

Lina Bo

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Before dedicating to painting Lina Bo was dedicated to acting for film and the Argentine tango. Lina lived in Italy and Buenos Aires where she practised the Argentine tango. Acting took her to New York where she studied the Meisner technique at William Esper’s Studio. She moved to London in 2014 where she kept acting and founded her own film production company. Her company was one of the very few pioneers back in 2014, engaged only with scripts dedicated entirely to women.
Her international background and her acting experience contributed a lot to her development as a figurative artist.
She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Painting at the National Academy of Arts.
Lina works mainly with oil and watercolour. Lina is influenced by the secessionists and impressionists. She admires artists like Manet, Gustav Klimt, Mikhail Vrubel and David Hockney. Her inspiration are love, nature, the human form and human psychology. Her paintings belong to collectors in various European cities: Sofia, Madrid, London, Milan, Amsterdam and the USA.

Lina Bo: "I am truly intrigued by the human form and psychology. I try to submerge into what is not visible to the eye, the spiritual world. Although in my work I strive for visual beauty, what inspires me in a human being is the invisible to the eye, the soul. With my work, I strive to bring forward all the beautiful inward qualities with bright, light colour pallete and tender use of the brush."