Levent de Paris paintings


Levent de Paris is a gifted artist from the Golden State—California! He enjoys spending time in museums and galleries, as well as studying new and old painting techniques.

His art reflects the timelessness of great impressionistic painters of the past, while his bold style keeps his artistic endeavors fresh and exciting. His paintings exude light and texture, and his abstract work is especially unique in its ability to superficially freeze time.

About Levent Deparis

Levent Deparis, US Artist/Painter. Became interested in the art at the age of 5. Primarily self taught, most of his artistic influences came from the European Impressionists, the Classical Renaissance artists and Pablo Picasso. He paints plein-air images of the coastal regions from all over the world, occasionally Still lifes, animals and pure abstract paintings of the unrealistic & unrecognizable.

Abstract Paintings

Eiffel Tower 14x11 Levent Deparis

The Eiffel tower in Paris at night

White House

My dad Playboy Gangster&Businessman1