As one can see from my Gallery, I am inspired by the beauty and strength of the Canadian Rockies.

I was fortunate to experience a summer of my life, living in Lake Louise Alberta. It was here that I had my first experiences with such majestic and powerful mountains. Indeed, hiking these grandiose peaks shaped my developing spirit and remained within throughout the passing years.
Despite having moved from the Rockies, as I continued to explore my creative side, I began to obsessively draw mountains, or perhaps, they began to obsessively call me back.

Upon graduating from University, though not with an art degree, I nonetheless decided to take the plunge, follow my paintbrush, and return to the big, small, far, near, no matter where so long as close, mountains.

And indeed, they do inspire.

Did I mention the trees?!

I would be happy to extend the brightness of my art to your home and can be contacted at jolevac30@gmail.com if interested in purchasing an original piece.

Thank you,