Letchmy Ganapathy

Letchmy Ganapathy


I am an accidental artist who started exploring painting purely as a hobby. It has since evolved into my passion! Painting since 2012, my works reflect the beliefs that have shaped me as a person - spirituality, feminism, love, hope and nature. As a self-taught artist, I have no rules to observe. I revel in the freedom I feel when creating; and play with the colours & subjects that call out to me.

Women and Ganesha were my initial experiments on canvas and they have developed naturally into themes. The ‘Musical Ganesha’ _series is inspired by my childhood adulation for the Hindu God and my teenage dreams of becoming a musician.

The 'Celebrating Women' series is very close to my heart and will continue to be so. It is my way of paying tribute to the strength and resilience embodied by every woman I have known and the other countless women who continue to assert themselves every day, at many levels.

I love to travel, especially long treks to remote places – whether to feel the peace amongst nature or the charm of ruins. Many of my travel photos have become impressions on canvas – _the tranquility of the setting sun, the rusticity of an ancient temple bell, the intricacy of an antique door…and so on. I hope to be able to translate many more into my paintings.

As a Singaporean, I do my bit by participating in events or exhibitions for a cause too, donating a portion of all sales to chosen charities.


Flowers in the wild

Acrylic Paintings