Letchmy Ganapathy

Letchmy Ganapathy


I am an accidental artist; I explored painting as a hobby, which evolved into my passion!. ​Painting since 2012, my works reflect the very beliefs that shaped me - spirituality, feminism, love, hope and nature. As a self-taught artist, I have no rules to observe. I revel in the freedom I feel when creating; I paint using Acrylic and Oil and play with the colors that call out to me.

My initial expressions on canvas developed naturally into themes : 

The 'Celebrating Women' series is dedicated to the strength and resilience that I’ve seen embodied in innumerable women. The initial works in the series represent women who have their eyes shut, not sure of how to express what they feel within. The women in the series evolve as they become aware of their beauty and strength, and as they begin to question social norms.

My ‘Musical Ganesha’ Series is inspired by my childhood adulation for the Hindu God; he removes obstacles! I love to paint temple ruins, rustic bells and antique doors from the loads of photos I take when I travel

“Cocktail Euphoria” is a tribute to Singapore’s vibrant cocktail culture - which I think, Singaporean bars have honed into art since the early 20th century. My "Intensity” series add a monochromatic twist to the vibrant scene, and at the same time, rejoicing the nostalgic moments. Working on large canvases is my natural inclination, but experimenting with these smaller creations gave me the satisfaction of making my art inclusive and versatile!

I love to travel, especially long treks to remote places - whether to feel the peace admist nature or the charm of ruins. Many of my travel photos have become impressions on canvas – the tranquility of the setting sun, the rusticity of an ancient temple bell, the intricacy of an antique door, the shimmer of a glass of wine on a hot summer day …. And hope to be able to translate many more into my paintings.

As a Singaporean, I do my bit through art; participating in charitable events and donating a portion of my sales proceeds from my works to chosen charities

Flowers in the wild

Acrylic Paintings