Leslie Montgomery

Leslie Montgomery


As a Photographic Artist I like to use both my camera and my computer to create the wonderful pieces of art you see here in my galleries. Many times I will just enhance a photograph slightly but most times I like to make art with my photos.

When not on my computer I normally spend my days out and about with my camera looking for unique and/or eye pleasing places and things to photograph. Living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada there is no shortage of places and events to find great photos and when on vacation we always choose a spot to go that has a certain photographic quality so even when on holidays I am still working. I have created some particularly wonderful images from these working vacations.

Since I am also an avid gardener it is no surprise you will find many of my treasures from the garden in these galleries whether it is a flower or group of flowers or the many birds, insects and squirrels who entertain me daily. I have a special fondness for the party of Blue Jays who have friended me and since they continue to grow in numbers each year there is always more and more of them and their antics to share.

In conclusion I hope you enjoy my photographic art and remember to return often as my art is always a work in progress and because of that my collections will continue to grow.

All my images are © 2009 - 2018 Leslie Montgomery. They may not be used, sold, copied or altered in any manner without my consent.

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