Les Conroy Art

Les Conroy Art


I was born in Liverpool UK and have been painting since 1971 when someone gave me a set of oil paints and a small canvas board and it`s been all downhill since then. Seriously, my first painting which sold was a Swiss alpine scene that sold 20 minutes after going on display in a local art shop. Over the years I turned from painting realistic landscapes to developing what I called a style of my own, this was my version of pointillism. A rather larger application of dabs of paint than normally seen.

I have since realised that pointillism is a wonderful way to portray light. I found it enables me to grade the effects of light in such a way to give the impression of sparkling light. This is mostly seen in my Cityscapes at night series. It allows me to create light, life and movement that catches the essence of city life at night.

I have also worked on copies of Old Masters and impressionist paintings with a small degree of success, preferring, I hope, quality to quantity.

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