I bring my own individuality to my creativity -- it’s all about life reflection and reactions to me. My Digital Painting is my own unique creation within this medium — certainly bold and abstract, yet once in a while, soft and etherial. Several have said they can get lost in my artwork -- I think that's a great compliment :-) I've married my appreciation of technology with my artistic nature and am having quite a love affair with it all.

I am greatly rewarded to use my skills to help rescue dogs, so I had to include a section for them. Fun pix, some with titles, and ALL with a Love for Dogs!

My work is full of energy and emotion ... some sense it right away, some just like looking at the bold palette. The experience is their own ... I'm just happy to supply the view.

Digital Painting

Meditation Art

Digitally Painted Photography

Morphed Photography

Mixed Media Painting

For the Love of Dogs