Through Layers of Memory

Through Layers of Memory

Conseil & Project Management is a multi-disciplinary consulting and management company providing complete project services for hospitality and luxury residential developments. Among other services, CPM creates unique art concepts and expertly curated art collections. Through CPM Art, Conseil & Project Management organises art events and activities in support to contemporary artists. It brings together creatives around a variety of themes. Artists invited may be young, old, completely unknown, emerging or already enjoying an established circle of supporters and collectors. Works presented may include paintings, sculptures, interactive multimedia installations, live performances. The scope is wide open. Artists are present during the entire exhibition time and available for discussions and workshops.

“As contemporary art lovers, we enjoy, discuss, critic works of art, without notion of who their authors are and - more specifically - “what they are worth”, as we too often hear. We are regularly stricken and puzzled by the omnipresence of the art market in anything art related. Our interest goes to the work, and to a certain extent, to the artist behind it, but not to a more or less official ranking determined by business considerations. We admire technique, beauty, sensitivity, originality, talent and the capacity to create and communicate emotions.”

This collection, Through Layers of Memory, was created by French- Belgian artist B2Fays for an art event held in Hong Kong in October 2015.

B2Fays started painting in 1987, after several years dedicated to comic strips and graphics palettes. In 1994, all her works were destroyed in a fire accident. This is when the sense of memory became so acute and important in her creation. In 2006, she won the “Villa Médicis Hors les Murs” program prize and went to India for a art residence. Since then, she has been living between India and Europe.