Born to an artistic family, Laurie started drawing before she could talk but when her kindergarten teacher asked if she was going to be an artist, she replied "No ! My daddy said they are too poor. I want to be a doctor.”. A mother of six and an avid animal lover, her love for nature and the challenge of portraying the beauty of God's creations inspire Laurie's painting. Laurie began her venture into art by coloring sepia-tone photographs for her Father’s Photo studio at the age of eight. Her first art lessons started when I was 12 with a well-known illustrator, Graham Ingels, and continued through high school. Laurie received a full scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design which she attended for a year.

At home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida she was raised in South Florida she graduated Clewiston High School. As a mother of six she raised her children on a small farm, worked as an art Instructor, a portrait artist and nationally distributed illustrator. First Published by Arts Uniq', 1990, Laurie now has Art Works! LLC, license her art. She has illustrated and has had five Published books including 2 recently published Harvest House books, 2011-“ The simple Pleasures of Amish Life” and for 2012 “Special Memories of Grandparents:.

People call her style "Old-World Realism" but, there is usually a touch that often gives way to abstract or impressionistic.  Her love of children and animals reveals itself in sensitive, creative art & designs that have graced many products in the home décor and giftware markets for the past two decades.

Laurie is best know for her Florida Landscapes and tropical wildlife. Her art is sold throught the country and is especially popular in the Southern States where she captures the beauty of the tropics.

Laurie's first starting painting portraits as a teenager. She is an outstanding portrait artist and creates portraits that capture personality and the heart of her subjects.

Tropical Landscapes






Still Life